No, you're not seeing doubles! As Mother's Day is coming up, we invited twin sisters Hannah and Wendy, fashion bloggers of @neutralsandheels to share about their sisterhood and journeys together as young mamas. Take a guess at who's who? ;)

R: Tell us more about both of you! How do people tell you both apart, and are you both truly best friends? :) 

Wendy: I think it’s much easier for people to tell us apart now that we’re older! Hannah has more round eyes, I have more almond. Her hair is blonder. I think it’s pretty easy when people get to know us!

We have ALWAYS been best friends! We always say if we hadn’t been twins we still would have found each other, and been best friends in this life. We have non-stop fun together! 

Hannah: We did absolutely everything together growing up. We had all the same friends and did all of the same activities!

R: Who started motherhood first?

Hannah: I had kids first! Presley is four and half, and Luke is two and half and are completely in love with their six month old cousin Ford!

R: What was the most challenging thing faced as a mother for each of you? How did you overcome it?

Hannah: The most challenging thing I faced as a mother was Postpartum anxiety after my son was born. I am so thankful to my twin sister who helped me through! Support is everything during a time like that. Making time to talk to my sister does help fill my self-care bucket! I do still have some anxiety - the pandemic certainly didn’t help! But it has gotten so much better. 

Wendy: For me, it was definitely breastfeeding! Ford struggled in the beginning with latching, and he was 3 weeks early so he was very sleepy and would rather sleep than eat! It took 2.5 months of practice to feel confident in my ability to breastfeed him and that he would be getting what he needed. It caused lots of anxious thoughts every day. I talked a lot to my sister and friends, read blogs, and worked with a lactation specialist. And really, I just tried to trust the time and practice needed in the process!

R: How do you take care of yourself with lesser time as a mother?

Hannah: This is a hard one, because as a mom it is very easy to let the day slip away without taking care of your own needs. I have found that regular workouts while my children are still in bed in the morning, nightly baths with epsom salt and a good book, making time to talk with my sister everyday, and relaxing with my husband every night make me feel like my self care bucket is filled. 

Wendy: Just talking with friends who are also mamas and going through the same things help a lot! I really do feel like the family time with my baby, husband, and kitties feels like taking care of myself too.

R: Any words of encouragement to young mothers like yourself?

Wendy: The best encouragement I’ve heard in my motherhood is “You were chosen to be the mother of your baby.” I think we all sometimes struggle with not feeling like we’re enough for our babies, but YOU ARE!! 

Hannah: To the new moms out there, this can be HARD. And I can’t imagine how much more difficult it must be during a pandemic, where outings and being able to visit with your support system are limited. Know that you are amazing, and that you are the absolute best mother for your baby. Many people will have advice for you on feeding, sleeping, and everything in between; take what you need and tune out the rest (you included Wendy, even when the advice is coming from me! ;) )

R: Thank you Hannah and Wendy for your candid sharing! We hope our Mori's Dual Zip Sling Bags have been helpful for you as mamas too! Could you please share your thoughts on them and how you use them as mamas? 

We absolutely love them! What we love the most is just the convenience, because we always have the strapper bags and kids running around, so we just don't have time to pull around our big bags! 

What we typically put in our dual zip sling bags - keys, masks, hand sanitiser, cards, lip gloss and mobile phone definitely goes into the front external pocket for easy access! We can use them as clutch in the evening without the detachable sling strap, and we can use them as crossbody in the day. It's just so easy to throw on and go with the beautiful colours! We have been wearing them non-stop this week!

Watch how Hannah and Wendy use Mori's Dual Zip Sling Bags while they are out and about with their kiddos! 




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