I've met Mitzi's mommy Aunty Michelle a few times in both the Philippines and Singapore. She never fails to feed me with good food (such warm hospitality!), and she would also bother to stop to ask me how I'm doing. At the centrality of the heart of Mori is mothers, and we've gotten Mitzi and Aunty Michelle to spend some mother-daughter time sharing with each other some questions we have prepared for them!

P.S.: You may want to use the same questions as a mini activity with mom figures in your life this Mama's Day too!

R: Do you think both of you are alike?

Michelle: When Mitzi was young, people would say she looked very much like her dad.  She was even called “James Junior”. But when she grew up, there is a bit more of a mix between her dad and me. We are similar in many ways though. We both like to learn new things, take various classes. We like to try new food. We love nature. We like arts. Both of us enjoy mingling with people.

Mitzi:  I think what I got from my mom is the joy and confidence of trying new experiences. We both like to be productive and make the most out of each day. I think we are very much alike in terms of personality.

R: What have both of you learnt from each other and appreciate about each other over the past 30+ years?

Michelle: What I appreciate about Mitzi is that she is a good daughter, she doesn’t give me much worries ever since she was young. She can now stand on her own two feet. She is confident. She is thoughtful, and thinks for other people before herself.

Mitzi: I really appreciate how my mom has encouraged me to read, take various classes, and learn new skills when I was young. I remember when I was about 8, I wanted to learn gymnastics. But because it was not popular in the Philippines yet, my mom enrolled me in ballet instead. When I was on a diet, my mom took me to the gym. She supported my curiosities and interests. She was able to help hone many of my passions and skills.

"My mom has shown me that you can be an entrepreneur and still prioritise family. She inspired me to use Mori as a platform to enable mothers to work from home and be there for their children."

 R: Aunty Michelle, any advice or encouragement for mothers?

Michelle: A mother’s wish for their children is always for their good, and this includes for them to become successful and remain humble. In these uncertain times, our maternal instincts may lead us to keeping our children in a bubble of safety. My advice is for us to allow our children to explore and try different classes or hobbies, while being there to guide them. This way we can help our children to discover what they are passionate about, and what they can pursue.  

"I would also like to encourage moms who have transitioned to working from home as part of their new normal. Balancing the demands of work and the responsibilities at home can be overwhelming at times. While this new setup creates several opportunities to spend more time with their children, some mothers might feel a sense of guilt when they prioritise important and urgent work commitments. But worry not, you are still being a great mother at that time as you embody the values you wish they would embrace."

R: Mitzi, any thoughts on Mori's heart for mothers? 

Mitzi: Mothers are very important in a family. In the Philippines, the mother is considered“ilaw ng tahanan” or the light of the home. They provide the loving warmth and guidance the children need as they grow up. I feel blessed to have a mother who has been with me through the different stages of my life, and because of this I hope other people would also be able to experience the same.  We hope that through Mori, we can help shape the future of today’s children, by empowering women crafters at home, one mother at a time.

R: Thank you Aunty Michelle and Mitzi for giving us a glimpse of how a mother's love passes on through daughter and eventually others! Could you please share what items do you put in Mori's Dual Zip Sling Bag in this new normal?

Michelle: What’s inside my dual sling - phone, face mask, alcohol, tissue, cash, cards

Mitzi: What’s inside my dual sling - phone, alcohol, IDs and cards, passbook, pen, earphones, cash

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