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"The Calming Kit is helpful in guiding my children through the different emotions that they are going through.

As we set up a calming kit corner and after teaching them different methods to calm themselves down, my girls are able to recover quickly from a meltdown episode. There are many useful strategies we can use both indoors and outdoors.

Thank you for creating this kit to help increase awareness on helping a child to cope with their emotions. Happy Kids, Happy Family ❤️ " - Mummy Adeline @bubzexplorer

"In collaboration with Fei Yue Family Service Centre, Mori came up with a CALMING KIT with tools to help kids calm down as well as a booklet with 16 ways you can follow!

I am putting them into a box and placing it on Vera's table whenever she needs it. The kits are packed by mothers from low-income families that Fei Yue serves and the content was also co-developed with Fei Yue’s caseworkers.

 In the kit, there is a pack of emotion cards too. I use that to get Vera to pick out the emotions she had gone through the entire day to help her express her thoughts through verbalisation and explain the situation to her as she goes along.

The items are not complicated but rather, items that will put a smile on the little one's face. I remembered making a PSLE Survivor Kit for Xav two years ago, this Calming Kit makes a pretty nice gift for the kids!" - Mummy Serene @xavvylicious

Packed by low-income women in Singapore 

in collaboration with Fei Yue Family Service Centre

Comes in gift-ready kraft box packaging 

Support local low-income women in need

Engage your child(ren) on their emotions and how to manage them!

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