{{Update as of 25 Feb 2021: We have managed to hit our target goal of $600 for Sebastian's laptop fund on 22 Feb :) Thank you for coming along aside us to sow into Sebastian's education and future! Special thanks also to @jangandfox for helping us to shout out about it and contributed to the fund with sales of her Jang Ele Pursebook! It was a timely last push towards our goal for the last few days of the campaign ❤️️ Earlier in the week of 1 Mar, we purchased the laptop and Sebastian has started using it for his online college learning! Thank YOU once again! :)}}


Last year when the pandemic hit, almost all of the students in the Philippines, were forced to take online classes at home. Laptops are expensive for Mori moms' families to afford, typically considered as a luxury item. Students whose families couldn't afford would use mobile phone, making it unconducive for learning.

Mori moms are moms we work with to provide sustainable livelihood in Manila, Philippines to hand make Mori's functional and inspirational creations such as Pursebook, Organiser and Dual Zip Sling Bag. You may read more about Mori moms here. Ate Remy used to sew rags for a living, but with her grit and diligence working at Mori, she raised her children to college, something most around would not believe it is possible. Her youngest daughter, Rachele, is a 3rd year college student in Psychology. She is on government scholarship. However, due to the pandemic, the disbursement of funds for allowance was also slow.

In August 2020, a few weeks before classes would move online in early September, Mori pulled together funds to sponsor Rachele with a laptop. The sources of fund were as follows-

  • Sponsorship by a kind customer Christine who has been invested in ministry work in Philippines years back
  • Mori tapped on the funds we had from sales of our T-shirts (we channel 10% of profits from sales of T-shirts that are not handmade by Mori moms into Mori community fund)

Fundraising for Sebastian, Ate Lisa's grandson

You may have seen Ate Lisa's name on our Thank you cards. Ate Lisa is another Mori mom who has been with us for many years, and has willingly and diligently hand make Mori's level 3 items (our signature creations that are more complex to make by hand such as Pursebook and Dual Zip Sling Bag). Not every Mori mom has both skills and aptitude to work on Mori's Level 3 products, and we recognise both Ate Remy and Ate Lisa's hard work.

Sebastian Fennel Palisoc is the grandson of Ate Lisa. Sebastian is a scholar at STI College (Systems Technology Institute) in Manila, Philippines. His grades have been well, until the pandemic happened. He has no laptop and uses only cellphone to research, write papers, and attend online classes. This is very challenging for Sebastian to continue his studies in this school term.

Hence, we would like to run a fundraising campaign for Sebastian, and invite you to join us in sowing into the dreams and future of the next generation. While we endeavour to provide Mori moms with sustainable livelihood by hand making our Mori creations, education is key to breaking out of poverty cycle for Mori moms' children. 

You can do so by making purchase of any of Mori's products listed below. We shall be donating 100% of proceeds from sale of these 3 products to the laptop fund for Sebastian.
This means that for example, if you purchase our Refill Notebooks set at $9, full $9 shall go towards the laptop fund, not including courier shipping fee (flat rate $3.5 for local Singapore delivery; for international- you may check our product pages for the rates). Mori will co-share the laptop fund through contributing the cost of making these products and the payment processing fee from Shopify for every purchase.

Our goal is to raise SGD600 (Philippines peso 21,495) for the following laptop to be purchased in Manila directly.

We have also indicated on our product pages for the above 3 products that 100% proceeds will be channeled to Sebastian's laptop fund, until we reach the goal of SGD600. We target to reach this goal by 22 February 2021 as school term has already started in January 2021.

At the end of this fundraising campaign, we will provide updates here.

Thank you for your act of kind generosity in sowing into Sebastian's education! If you have any message to leave for Sebastian, you may also include it under "notes to seller" at cart page. We also pray that the products you purchase will be a blessing to you or recipient if you intend to gift it! ❤️️ 

If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach us with your questions under Contact Us



  • Mori Official said:

    Hi Jean, thank you so much for your support and encouragement! Yes, we will be updating initiatives for both Mori moms community and also local women initiatives on our social media (IG: @mori.official_), our emailer newsletters, as well as blog posts here on this site :)

    April 14, 2021

  • Jean Chan said:

    Hello.. if there are more initiatives to help support a student, would love to be part of it. What you are doing is such a great initiative so if there’s opportunity, love to support it. Let me know.

    March 21, 2021

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