My first e-meet with Supatriana, founder of Livconsciously was last year during the pandemic. I remembered that despite being the first time we talked, I could feel the enthusiasm and passion Triana had about social-consciousness, being environmentally friendly, and giving back.

After more than 15 years of working in corporate organisations climbing the corporate ladder, Triana discovered her new mantra in life: to take challenges in stride, to consciously think about what she wants, and how conscious decisions can impact the people and communities around her.

Triana now runs Livconsciously, featuring not just Mori's social-conscious items, but other products that are fair-trade, eco-friendly and help the communities they work with. She also has her own range of products like scented candles, roll-ons, room sprays and body bars made with natural ingredients. Furthermore, she passionately shares stories on conscious living, social and environmental issues.

R: What inspired you to do what you do now? 
Triana: My inspiration came from recognising the key issues that our earth is facing. Environmental degradation is happening at a rapid pace with climate change and people especially the poor are the most affected. Mass consumption of products adds to climate change and exploitation of vulnerable communities. People are consuming products which are not socially conscious and eco-friendly. Lastly, I also observed that social impact brands are competing with the bigger players on an unequal playing field and sometimes have to compromise on their causes. I wanted to use Livconsciously as a platform to nurture a society of conscious consumers and producers who protect the environment and vulnerable communities

R: How is your experience so far?
Triana: I must admit that the journey has not been easy as I am entering an unfamiliar territory. I also faced negative comments and questions when I wanted to launch Livconsciously. I find that having self discipline and trusted mentors are important in an entrepreneur's journey. When I get discouraged, I try to see the larger purpose of what I’m doing and celebrate small successes, like meeting a nice person who is willing to work with me. That is a success to me. So I try to see setbacks as something positive and try not to be let down by it.

R: Why and how do you work with Mori?
Triana: I am inspired by the heart behind Mori and it has been an enlightening journey knowing Rachel, Mori’s co-founder. I am honoured to be in the company of women entrepreneurs like Rachel who are making a difference by empowering women and uplifting poverty. We feature Mori and it's functional and inspirational products on our platform, alongside other partners whose initiatives and objectives are very aligned to our causes. 

I love how Mori products are stylish and very functional. I personally love the Lace Dual Zip Sling Bag. The design is pretty and easily matches with most of my clothes. The bag is very compact with many compartments where I can keep many things in. It is also well-made using good quality material.




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