Bible Journaling Workshop (Online)

Mori is a variant name of Moriel that means, “God is my teacher” in Hebrew. The journey of mori started with Mitzi from The Philippines who quit her corporate job and spent 3 years each day reading a chapter of the Bible and journaling them down on notebook. Later on, Rachel and Louisa from Singapore joined her on this journey, each with their own journaling experiences.

Come listen to the bible journaling journeys of Mitzi, Rachel and Louisa, how 
i) journaling can be conversing with God like in Psalms that David wrote in the Bible and charting of your personal walk with Him,
ii) an avenue to meditate on bible verses through simple and fun ways like doodling, 
iii) used for prophetic art through the leading of Holy Spirit for edification, 
iv) simple and fun ways (examples from our own journals!) for your day-to-day Christian Practicalities: log down prayer requests, gratitude list, fast log, sermon reflections or even ministry tracker

What's included:
  • 2-hour online session (to be streamed at your own time/pace) with sharing and hands-on time to do the activities on your own!
  • Membership to mori Bible Journaling Facebook Private Group where more examples/sharing from mori and our community will be shared; a community for you to further grow your journaling walk with God

What to prepare before you start streaming the session:
1. Your favourite journal/notebook (if you'd like to use our World's 1st Pursebook, you can get the bundle here!)
2. Colour markers, pens, pencils
3. Washi tapes and stickers, or even scrapbook materials like dried flowers, photo printouts etc. (unleash your creativity!)
4. Optional: Pentel Touch Pen or pens/markers for faux calligraphy
5. Bible (physical or digital both work!)
6. Somewhere comfortable at home with a cup of coffee/tea!

We have done our BiJo workshops in 2019 at a local church youth camp, Singapore Bible Society's Colours of the Bible events, private workshop. In view of Covid19, we have decided to move this online so you can do this at the comfort of your home, with your family members or virtually with some friends 

Here's what some of our previous participants say about our workshops:

Jittery. That was how I felt at first as a first-time participant in mori Bible Journaling Workshop. But Rachel and Louisa easily eased me into the session with their warmth and openness. The environment was inviting and conducive. The ladies' candid sharing of knowledge, practical tips, inspirations and experiences serve to thread beginners, like me, along to explore and take journaling to the next level with Daddy God.  They helped me see that bible journaling is more than just mere dabbling. Journaling can actually be my cup of tea. It is therapeutic too! I have begun to embrace it as an avenue to journey my walk with Daddy God. Abba definitely knew how to bless my socks off through the workshop. Thank you, Ladies!  @chuaszeping Chua S.P.

Thanks for organising today's workshop! I had a good time doodling away! @carrotpopcorn Koh Ni
I was expecting aesthetically inclined journaling examples before I went. However, after the session, I realised that we journal not because we’re some aesthetic inspiration to others, but we journal because we want to note down our journey with God. I was humbled & learnt something that really changed my perspective on journaling. Now, I use mori pursebook to journal things that seem quite major to me- maybe a really tough day at work, a conflict, something that really hits me emotionally. I find that I can be quite emotionally overwhelmed by such things, and I tend to react based on my emotions, which isn’t very healthy. So what I’d do is that I’d put down the date of the entry, give the entry a title so that I can kinda at a glance roughly know what it’s about, and then journal about what happened, how I feel, what are my thoughts. My very raw emotions & thoughts. Then after which, I read through my entry and highlight or section the parts that I think requires more reflection. Usually, I’d highlight things that are assumptions, or something I need to grow in/wrestle with God about, and write down what follow-up actions can be explored. And also to write my prayer!  @lauhuiru Hui Ru 

The workshop has been helpful in guiding me to start journaling. I love what I received during the workshop and I will continue to support them. Personally I feel that the whole mori's entrepreneurship has helped those in need which are the Philippines's mother. I like the concept where they open up an opportunity for them to earn a living and yet making meaningful things. I like the concept and I decided to support Mori by being their customer and a friend.  @rrehchop Poh Cher

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I recommend this product
Enjoyed it!

Gave me ideas for what I could do to make my personal devotional sessions more meaningful whilst also engaging my creative side. I’d been wanting to get into bijo for awhile but also didn’t want to do it for the sake of it. Enjoyed hearing the stories and seeing the examples!

Ruth .
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

I really enjoyed this video! - price point is good! -useful tips were shared - personal sharing/using others' examples were encouraging, relevant and uplifting! - i liked the background music hehehe - duration was just nice! Highly recommend this bible journalling online class to anyone who wants to learn how to journal and thoss who already journal but want to go deeper !! ❤

Serene E.
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product
Bible Journaling Workshop (Online)

It's is good to refresh the Journaling workshop again with some new information. Very helpful.

Koh N.
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product
Thanks for the encouragement

It's a great source of encouragement especially for this trying COVID situation. Good refresher too! Like the clear delivery! Some of the words in white on the slides may not be easily read. Other than that I don't have further comments. Thank you for sharing!