Features - Expandable Tote 2.0

Entire bag:  20.5 (W) inches x 19 (H) inches)
Top part (rectangle portion) bag:
 20.5 (W) inches x 13.5 (H) inches
Bottom (extendable portion) of bag: 15.5 (W) inches x 5.5 (H) inches in semi-circle shape
External pocket slot: 8.5 (W) X 6.5 (H) inches
Strap: 11.5 inches drop-down

- Water-resistant fabric
- Zipper closure for safety
- 2 inner side pockets to fit your smaller items so you don’t have to dig inside the big tote
- Key holder inside to hook your keys or even small pouch so you don't have to dig
- Front external pocket slot for cards, phone, tissue, or mask that you need super quick access to
- Washable so you can wash it after using for beach or grocery items