Description - Livconsciously Scented Candles

Livconsciously scented candles use 100% natural soy wax giving it a cleaner burn and lasts 50% longer than paraffin wax. Therapeutic grade essential oils are used with no synthetic compounds. Each candle comes with a reusable drawstring pouch.

Hand-poured and made in Singapore.

Size: 3.5 oz

Burn Time: 20 to 25 hours

Our Limited Edition scented candles come in 4 scents. 

Limited Edition Series 

Lavender Bergamot - Be immersed in the relaxing and soothing notes of Lavender and the subtle, citrus notes from Bergamot. 

Lavender Geranium - A perfect balance of serenity with calmness from Lavender and refreshing notes of Geranium. 

Lavender Fir Needle - This unique scent is invigorating yet calming. You get a sense of inner peace with each burn. 

Lavender Orange - This blend of Lavender and Orange creates a fresh and fruity scent. It brings positivity and joy. 

 * As all our candles are scented with plant-based, all-natural essential oils, we highly recommend using them within six months from the date of purchase.