Description - Kids Calming Kit


As part of an extension of our journaling and Kids emotions products to encourage healthy ways to manage emotions, we partner with Fei Yue Family Service Centre to develop this Kids Calming Kit. 

Fei Yue Family Service Centre works with families, including those with children to strengthen relationships and to support adults and children to process their emotions. Low-income women from the community programme, Threads of Courage, will earn a supplementary income through the assembling of these kits. 

This Calming Kit seeks to allow parents/adults to connect with children through interactive play and conversations about emotions.

Recommended to use with children ages 7 to 12 years old.

What's Included:

△ 18 mins video guide developed by Fei Yue caseworker for parents/adult on how to use the kit with your child (includes how you can help your child manage their emotions)

△ 16 calming strategies: physical items include Stress ball, Pop It, Skipping rope, Bubble, Paint, Play Dough

△ Conversation Cards for 11 emotions such as happy, calm angry, surprised, sad, guilt with illustrations of the emotions faces, as well as interactive questions (card is rewritable using rewritable markers)

△  Journal that includes introduction to 16 calming strategies, activities like painting, breathing chart, and 7 days of daily reflections