The influence of teachers go deep - they encourage minds to think, hands to create, and hearts to love. If you are looking for unique yet practical gifts to appreciate teachers, here's a short guide to 3 types of practical and meaningful gifts that have been "teachers-approved"! They are lovingly handmade by Mori mothers for sustainable livelihoods.

Gift Option 1: Pursebook 



Teachers like @princesscass have been using Mori World's 1st Pursebook, a blend of purse and refill notebooks to plan her days as a teacher. The external purse compartment can be used to put mobile phone or stationery, and the inner plastic storage sleeve can be used to put cards, stickers, paper clips, notes, or even some loose cash! Choose 2 refill notebooks with quotes that you think will lift and inspire the teacher's day :) 


Gift Option 2: Dual Zip (Everyday/ Phone) Sling Bag 



Teachers like @adlynnz and @njxjess have been using Mori's Dual Zip Sling Bag for teachers' essentials like pens, markers, observation notebook, whistle, tissue, mic on the go! See what they say>>

"Just to let you know that there are 5 happy people with your bags! We were all very excited with the many compartments and the size of your bag. And with all of us being teachers, we thought that this will be a great bag for our markers and rubber bands and paper clips and pens and now, mics!! And not forgetting contributing to other women too! Thank you so much! 😍" ⁠- @adlynnz

"Essentials for Early Childhood teachers 👩‍🏫 My favourite item got to be the dual zip sling in Woodland Rabbit 🐇 I can keep my observation notebooks, pens, markers, craft tools, whistle, tissue and essential items on the go ~⁠
⁠Sometimes, I feel like Doraemon because I never know what will happen and what children will do or require on the spur of a moment. For example, if you were to go outdoors for play, we can’t simply fit mosquito repellent, tissue packets & our personal devices in our pockets. So this zip sling is like my personal Doraemon magical pouch 👝 " - @njxjess

Gift Option 3: Small pouches

Small gifts can be packed with lots of love and meaning with Mori's handcrafted small vegan leather pouch (namecard size) or "above all, love" drawstring pouches (6 x 8 inches). The former can be used for cards, small items like earpiece and keys or coins; the latter can be used for bigger items like portable chargers, laptop chargers, makeup, health essential items on the go etc. Give it a personalised touch with name stenciling. 


Valid till 25 Aug, use coupon code TEACHERSYAY for 12% discount off 4 or more Mori items (non sale items)! Please choose without name personalisation for it to reach in time before Teacher’s Day! Name personalisation takes additional 5 days which will not reach in time. Take advantage of this promo to get these meaningful and practical gifts for teachers this year!



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