It’s the time of the year again! In preparation for the Christmas season, the mori team decides to put together a gift guide! We understand how difficult it is to make shopping decisions, so we figure we help you out with these tips and recommendations!

1) Your hard-to-please, demanding boss

A year of favour: Show your sincere appreciation to your boss for having your back by gifting him/her mori’s signature pursebook. A multi-tasking item by nature, the pursebook doubles up as a clutch when your boss needs to run short errands and meetings. Yes, the boss approves.

A year of struggle: Demonstrate your sensitivity to his/her needs at work. Gifting a pursebook would greatly aid your boss in organising his/her work! A well-organised work = happy boss. Happy boss = happy employee. You get the drift? Work can be tough, but keep going nonetheless. One day, your value and contributions will be recognised. As you sow, you will receive the success in due course.

Mori recommends:

2) Your artsy fartsy friend

If your squad consists of friends who are working in the creative field, fretting over what to buy for them can be a nerve-wrecking process. On one hand, your choice of gift needs to cater to their eclectic taste. On another hand, the gift has to be functional.

As nerve wrecking as it is, you can never go wrong with purchasing mori pursebook. Like any salaried workers, there are deadlines for the Creative to meet. Help them unlock their fullest potential with the help of mori pursebook, which comes with 2 refill notebooks for ideation and execution of tasks.

Mori recommends:

3) Your flamboyant girlfriend who works in PR/Marketing agency

We can’t speak for everyone, but in general, there is always the one flamboyant girlfriend in a squad who likes to make a statement. Through her clothes, makeup and everything else. Flashy is her middle name.

The easiest to buy for out of the lot, you are indeed spoilt for options. Instead of purchasing the latest designer eye shadow palette from Sephora, how about surprising her with a pursebook in outstanding colours and designs?

Mori recommends:

  • Shimmery coral pink/rose gold pursebook gives your flamboyant girlfriend the spotlight to shine in front of her clients at the meeting. Remember, the Flamboyant loves chasing after shiny objects, and all that glitters is (rose) gold
  • The Flamboyant is all about making a bold statement. However, more is really less in certain situations. Help them to recognise their tendency to go the extremes by gifting them a journal for self-reflection. A classy but bold design like the flamingo pursebook should do the trick :)
  • The Flamboyant likes to express their unique individuality by cultivating relations with people, the more the merrier. Hence, it is not unusual for them to seek out parties and gatherings for networking sessions. Gift them mori’s vegan leather small pouch, so they can show off their LIMITED EDITION gift to people they just meet. A good conversation starter that he Flamboyant will thank you for.

4) The intrepid traveller

We all have that one friend in our group that is usually missing from meet-ups due to travel. Whenever she returns, all conversations tend to revolve around her (mis) adventures. She’s also the one responsible for eliciting wanderlust in you through her Instagram and Instastories.

Mori recommends:

  • Gadget organisers, if you’re tired of listening to her tales of misplacement of important stuff. Enough of the misadventures.
  • Vegan leather small pouch. It makes for good storage space, especially when travel light is concerned. Be it storing your dainty jewellery, foreign currencies stashed away for emergency use, travel cards, etc, mori’s cardholder will definitely come in handy for any intrepid traveller.

5) For him

The mori team recognises the role of the male figures play in our lives. Hesitant in lip service, they prefer to show their support and love in the form of practical, enduring service – physical help. For Christmas, we want to appreciate the male figures that love us, with gifts that ooze down to earth vibes.

Mori recommends:

6) The sensitive soul/contemplator

The world is a better place to live in, because of the sensitive souls and contemplators in our midst. In a modern society that perpetuates aggression and fighting for individual rights, it is a breath of fresh air to have them reminding us that peace is a precious commodity we shouldn’t take for granted.

Mori recommends:

  • Nordic pink/grey pursebook that matches their saccharine sweet nature
  • 2020 planner for the contemplator who likes to ponder on life’s greatest mysteries. Mori’s 2020 planner contains monthly themed reflection that invites user to self-reflect on different life themes like love, friendship, courage.

7) Colleagues

Show your heart-felt gratitude to your colleagues for overcoming the workplace hurdles with you. They are the ones who make working so much more bearable, if not, fun. At the same time, budget is a real issue (especially if your department is large). Fret not, there’s something for everyone for any budget.

Mori recommends:

  • Colourful notebooks with uplifting calligraphy quotes and stunning visuals. What a great way to spur your colleagues on with life-giving messages when the going gets tough! They come with Christmas paper bag in a set of 2 as well!

8) Gift exchange under $15

It is increasingly challenging to find something presentable under $15 that is not hand cream. The mori team feels your woe, and scrambles to present alternative solutions that do not leave you looking like a cheapo in Christmas exchange.

Mori recommends:

We hope you enjoy the festive gift guide that the mori team curates for you. Have a blast shopping, and before we end off, happy holidays!

xx, Louisa


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