This Mama's Day, we got to chat with The Smart Local talent Chika @chikachups and her mom. Chika credits her graduation from university despite facing setback of failing A'Levels and having to retake as a private candidate to the unconditional love and support from her family. She also has no complaints about being mom's mini me as she learns from the best! ☺️

R: Do you think both of you are alike?

Chika: We are quite alike in terms of tastes and preferences. Growing up under her care my whole life, I felt it was quite inevitable for me to grow up as a mini version of my mom. Not complaining in any way at all- I felt I have always learnt from the best! I can only hope she feels the same about me too, because she brought out the best in me. 

Chika’s Mom: We are both pragmatic in nature and that reflects in our design preferences for things we wear and use.

R: What have both of you learnt from each other and appreciate about each other over the past 20+ years?

Chika: The act of lifelong learning. Mom doesn't tell me about lifelong learning, she shows me that she believes in it. As someone who believes that actions speak louder than words, she doesn't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. That's what I really appreciate and how I learn!

Chika’s Mom: My daughter is a bit of perfectionist and good at organising stuffs and putting things in order. She's also more adventurous. Inspired by her, I have been paying more attention to details and trying new things like wearing clothes that are outside of my comfort zone.

R: We love that you are both learning from one another! Chika, how do you think your mom has influenced or challenged you (to help you grow) as a young lady out of school and stepping into society?

Chika: My mom has never pressurised me to do anything. She only encourages me to do my best and do what I want to do. That really helped me in many ways since I was not pressurised on my family's end. I appreciated that she knew that I was already putting a lot of pressure on myself, and didn't want to add on to the stress unnecessarily. She was also very supportive when I said I decided to freelance as a talent with The Smart Local. Since young, she always prepares home-cooked food for us and even now when I'm working, she still does this for us and it's always heartwarming when I arrive at my doorstep after a long day's work!

R: We love how you twin with our Mori Dual Zip Sling Bag! Could you both please share what items you put in the bag and how do you typically use it? 

Chika: As someone who runs for meetings a lot, I really require a small bag that could allow me to carry my meeting necessities. I sometimes also have site visits at hot and noisy areas, hence I cannot carry big bags for meetings most of the time. The Dual Sling Pouch Bag also functions like a pouch, so what I do is to remove the strap when the pouch is in my bag, and attach the strap to convert as a bag when I'm on the way to meetings! I absolutely love this flexibility!

Chika’s Mom: I usually use the bag to carry a packet of tissues paper, key chains, and lipstick.

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