Wonder T-shirt



Has life thrown you so much lemons that you have been drown in despair and discouragement, and lost your sense of wonder? May we never lose our wonder even in the midst of doing what is necessary, faithfully. Things may seem meaningless at this point of time, but let us be like a child - wide-eyed, mystified. #itsatrap #growingup


This is our very first product that is not handmade by mori moms. We asked in late 2019 if we should expand into mass-manufactured products to channel 10% of the profits back to mori moms community, in order to have more holistic support apart from giving mori moms direct employment. Areas that we are looking at include education and healthcare of mori moms' children and family. Many of you said "yes", and hence, we are trialing this out! At the same time, we want to keep working on our brand mission of championing thriving in adversity. Wear our mori T-shirt that is cute with a cause and voice. Find out more about our social impact and makers in Our story page.





180gsm Cotton T-shirt



Singapore: SGD3 flat rate, takes 2-3 days
Australia: USD8 for 1 piece, takes 6-10 days
United States: USD7 for 1 piece, takes 7-10 days
Canada: USD9.5 for 1 piece, takes 7-10 days
Malaysia: USD4 for 1 piece, takes 6-8 days 
Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Germany: USD6 for 1 piece, takes 6-8 days
Belgium, Indonesia, Taiwan, Israel: USD8 for 1 piece, takes 7-15 days
Japan: USD5.5 for 1 piece, takes 7-10 days
United Kingdom, France, Austria, Netherlands, New Zealand: USD6.5 for 1 piece, takes 5-10 days

*Above shipping fee as estimation, actual shipping fee calculation at checkout