Kids Emotions Rewritable Flashcards + Storybook + Drawstring Pouch

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Mori's Emotions Flashcards help you start your kids on learning and exploring the various feelings they feel. Your little one can also learn to write, and conversation starter questions and activities are provided to give you more fun ways to engage with your kid on emotions. It's never too early to start helping your kids identify and learn to cope with their emotions in a healthy manner!

Flashcards are used by parents to introduce words and concepts in a memorable and interesting way! Studies have shown that flashcard allows for confidence-based repetition strengthening their memorisation, enhances visual memory, and stimulates thinking!  

"I use flashcards not only to introduce words but also to start conversations and further learning with my kids on topics such as their feelings, or lifecycles of insects we observe when we are out!" - Mummy Clara K.

Our very own creation

to help you teach and engage with your little ones in a meaningful and fun manner

Comes in box packaging with drawstring pouch of choice

Eye-catching images, tracing words, activities, conversation starters

Writeable with non-permanent marker and erasable

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