Jangandfox Ele Organiser


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Each organiser is lovingly handcrafted by mothers in Philippines for sustainable livelihood. Find out more about our social impact and makers in Our story page.

{{Special}} A collaboration with Jangandfox who created the little fox with what she wished she had - a knack for saying the right words. Together with the blue elephant trying to fit in, the pig that has the magic of turning everything to food and the other animals with their own furry tales (and tails), they try to make meaning of the perplex world, just like we do.



4.5 x 6.75 inch, ~200g

Canvas and Vegan leather (outside)
Waterproof fabric (inside)



Singapore: SGD3 flat rate, takes 2-3 days
Australia: USD8 for 1 Organiser, takes 6-10 days
United States: USD7 for 1 Organiser, takes 7-10 days
Canada: USD9.5 for 1 Organiser, takes 7-10 days
Malaysia: USD4 for 1 Organiser, takes 6-8 days
Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Germany: USD6 for 1 Organiser, takes 6-8 days
Belgium, Indonesia, Taiwan, Israel: USD8 for 1 Organiser, takes 7-15 days
Japan: USD5.5 for 1 Organiser, takes 7-10 days
United Kingdom, France, Austria, Netherlands, New Zealand: USD6.5 for 1 Organiser, takes 5-10 days

*Above shipping fee as estimation, actual shipping fee calculation at checkout