{{Exclusive Special}} Jang Fox Dual Zip Sling Bag

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Your hands-free companion with multi-functional compartments for quick access to essentials like phone, cards, mask, keys, pen, money, lip balm!

Fans around the world have used Mori Dual Zip Sling Bag for dates, running errands, walks, social work, teaching and mommy duties, travels, and many more!

"Even better than the phone case lanyard that's trending! Fits so many things even though it's compact!" - Farah D.

Our hot selling creation with

multi-compartments to better your life 

External Pocket, Detachable Strap

External pocket that fits even large phones like iPhone Max, and detachable sling strap so you can use it as purse or bag!

Zipper compartment 1

Contains 2 compartment slots + 2 cards slots

Zipper compartment 2

Inner net zipper compartment + additional compartment slot

Fits large phones too!

Fits following phones (as gauge)

iPhone 6 -12, iPhone +, iPhone Max, even up to iPhone Pro Max (6.33 x 3.07 inches)

Samsung S8, S9, S10, S20, Galaxy Note 20, even up to Samsung S20 Ultra (6.57 x 3 inches)

Google Pixel, up to Google Pixel 5 (5.7 x 2.77 inches)

Product Measurement (to check against your phone)

Pouch size: 7.5 x 5 inches

Front external pocket size: 4.7 x 4.9 inches


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As seen on Lauren @socialworkscrapbook with Daisy Pink Grey DZ Bag giving off sweet and cute vibes in her casual getup while going for mobile food distribution!

testimonial image

As seen on Magdalyn @magdalyn_ with Nude Bone DZ Bag in her casual getup while doing mommy duties!

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As seen on our model Isabelle with easy to match Camel Navy DZ Bag in casual bohemian getup

testimonial image

As seen on co-founder @rachewe with Pink Mint DZ Bag in athleisure getup for her walks

testimonial image

As seen on Lynn @adlynnz and her group of pre-school teacher girlfriends, matching each one's DZ Bag design to their likes and personalities

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As seen on Dawn @dawn_ml_lin with Floral DZ Bag in sweet dress getup for her staycation