*This listing is for in-stocks. We are accepting backorders for designs that are now sold out. Backorders will be fulfilled in later part of week of 6 July 2020 as mori moms are still making them. Order for backorders here.

Each handmade reusable face mask comes with:
- 3 layers of fabric filters (cotton lining on the inside for your comfort!)
- a pocket for an optional filter (or slot in a surgical mask)
- adjustable garter cords - shape that fits the contour of your face

Adult size: 
14cm vertical x 25cm horizontal edge to edge
*Please note this listing is for adult size, see Kid listing for kid size.



In March 2020, when Manila went into lockdown, mori moms assembled face shields for frontliners in the Philippines. This opportunity gave more mori moms jobs during this lockdown period, an answered prayer. They are mothers who used to sew rags for livelihood, and have since been trained to sew functional and inspirational lifestyle products with mori. Now, mori moms are making reusable face masks with available fabrics.

At the same time, we are calling out for Contribute.SG x Mask for All in Singapore who are seeing a need of 2,000 masks for donation to elderly in Singapore. With every mask purchase, we will donate another 1 mask to elderly in Singapore through Contribute.SG. For example, if there are 100 masks purchase, 100 will be sent to customers, another 100 donated to elderly in Singapore; mori moms make 200 masks for sustainable livelihood.

In our 2 rounds of preorders previously, we have raised about 300 masks for donation, while mori moms could make over 600 masks. You can find out more about our initiative here.


Why Denim or Canvas?
A study by Cambridge University (featured on Martha Stewart’s, Yahoo Finance, nd Huffpost websites) tested over 30 different materials to see which is the most protective material to use for a reusable face mask. After noting the virus’ particle size, 0.06-0.14 microns and five to ten microns when found in droplets, denim and canvas fabrics are the fabrics best-suited to blocking out germs while still being breathable enough for consistent wear.

Why Cotton?
If you are looking for a lighter and more comfortable face mask in style, try the cotton options.