It’s the time of the year again! In preparation for the Christmas season, the mori team decides to put together a gift guide! We understand how difficult it is to make shopping decisions, so we figure we help you out with these tips and recommendations!

1) The boss or professional colleagues

Show your sincere appreciation to your boss for having your back by gifting him/her Mori’s signature pursebook in minimalist designs. A multi-tasking item by nature, the pursebook doubles up as a clutch when your boss needs to run short errands and meetings. Yes, the boss approves, especially when versatility is needed in this new normal.

Do you have colleagues who are always rushing to meetings with a cup of coffee/tumbler, notebook, pen, access card, mobile phone? Mori's World 1st Pursebook can help them resolve this problem, and you can also choose the inspirational quotes on the refill notebooks on the inside to cheer them on!

If your boss/colleagues have taken note-taking to digital means, Mori's small vegan leather pouch is well-loved for its minimalistic look for putting small items like cards, keys and earpiece.

Mori recommends:

2) The soul sister/friend!

Have a soul sista whom you can always count on to talk for endless hours about everything - your feelings and thoughts? The world is a better place to live in, because of the sensitive souls and contemplators in our midst, who listens and gives to us the gift of no condemnation. Mori's 365 Days Ananeoo Planner provides minimalistic monthly and weekly planners for pragmatic planning/to-do lists, and monthly activity sheets and quotes in whimsical calligraphy/illustrations with accompanying reflection questions. Pair it with our World's 1st Pursebook!

Mori recommends:

3) For the cafe/shopping/travelling buddy!

While this year sees us all facing the pandemic and one of the most loved activities travelling has to come to a pause, we all have that girlfriend whom we can count on to call along for a cafe, shopping, or even hiking dates! Head out together with Mori's own new creation Dual Zip Sling Bag, a great hands-free companion to put all your daily essentials such as mobile phone, sanitary/hygiene items, makeup, portable charger/cable/earpiece, money and cards!

Our Drawstring Pouch is also great to store loose items to organise the big bag a little!

Mori recommends:

4) For the mummy spouse/friend

They say that once you become a mummy, you hardly have time for yourself or buy things for yourself anymore! Mori has functional pouches and bags that help mummy organise their many things each time they go out with the family! Mori's Organiser Pouch can be used to organise health items (think plasters, vitamins, medications, eye drop, masks mummies need to bring out for the family), or our Dual Zip Sling Bag which comes in really handy when mummy has a diaper bag, and carrying a baby in her arms! No more rummaging through the diaper bag for small essential items like mobile phone, money and cards!

For mummies with kids from preschool to primary school, Mori's Kids Christmas Activity Set Box facilitates quality parent-child bonding time with cognitive learning activities that also emphasises on character and values, through a Christmas story. Our World's 1st Pursebook now comes in kids version with a sling strap for the little ones to carry around and get their eyes off the digital screen.

Mori recommends:

5) For uplifting small Christmas bulk gifting under $15


It is increasingly challenging to find something presentable under $15 that is not hand cream or chocolates. The Mori team feels your woe, and scrambles to present alternative solutions that do not leave you looking like a cheapo in Christmas exchange. These little gifts are also uplifting - telling stories of purpose and joy as they empower both makers and users. Each comes with a Mori story card that tells story of Mori moms who makes these gift items for sustainable livelihoods, as well as with inspirational quote. 

Mori recommends:

Check out what some in Mori community say!

The pouch material feels pretty premium and sturdy! To top it off, the floral print is oh so lovely! I have bought stuff from Mori so many times that I've lost count, but this round is definitely not the last! Keep up the good work in empowering women! And women, of course, should always help women! :D - Sharon Y. on Floral Drawstring Pouch
I got this gift for a friend and she loves how much she could put in it! - Jasmine T. on Lace Dual Zip Sling Bag
A box packed with delightful things! My 6-year old was really delighted in opening this box! Her eyes went all big and excited as she first tinkered with the colourful objects and figure out what they were. - Edivita T. on Kids Christmas Activities Set Box
Love the product n think it is just suitable to bless friends with at this time of the year - Lynn T. on Mori 365 Days Ananeoo Planner

We hope you enjoy the festive gift guide that the Mori team curates for you. Have a blast shopping, and before we end off, happy holidays! Thank you for joining us on our mission to bring purpose and joy to both makers and users! You may read more about story here



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